Praised by damned review

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Not sure what to make of the movie “Antichrist,” Minneapolis Star Tribune movie critic Colin Covert says “‘Antichrist’ is not a film to be enjoyed.” And yet, he gives it 3 1/2 stars out of 4. Is that a riot or what? Watching the Lars von Trier flic “is to experience unrelenting pain, shading into revulsion,” he reveals. Perhaps best seen when in a state of extreme masochism then. One must be drunk on something, as Baudelaire says, so why not a cinematically-induced haze of masochism? At any rate, Covert does say that it is a “fiercely gorgeous” movie that “compels our attention and respect.” Really? Well, it sounds as if it’s worth seeing on the same grounds that “Last House on the Left” is worth seeing. Feels so good to feel so bad.

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