DIY Auto Repair And The Art Of Website Coding

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1994 Ford Thunderbird LX

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A few years – yes, years – back I took it into my head to transform my aging 1994 Ford Thunderbird into a mean street machine.

Visions of NASCAR-style glory danced within my mechanically under-developed mind.

I figured that retooling the engine would be a good place to start.

Youth Not Wasted On Fast Cars

Just so you know, I did not waste my youth souping up cars. I found other ways to waste those now-irretrievably lost salad years.


Being new to this process, I was amazed how easy it was to disassemble your modern-day car.

Fun, too.

An exciting voyage of discovery, this was, my maiden journey into the heart of the land of combustion engineering.

You’ve probably guessed the rest of the story.

Go Ahead. Bloody My Knuckles Again!

Putting said engine back together again, so that all the parts mesh and do not clash in mortal combat with each other. That is a different turn of the wrench.

Today, that very same car, older, rustier, possibly wiser in some way, sits like a dull, sun struck automotive Buddha in my driveway out back.

It’s just waiting for me to put those final intricate parts such as the valve keepers and timing gear components back in – in good working order.

Driven To Compute

Meanwhile my interests, savage and unpredictable as always, have shifted.

I now devote considerable amounts of spare time – is there any such thing as “spare time” in an existential sense? –to learning Visual Basic and ASP.NET as a means of turning out performance-oriented websites.

One of these days – perhaps tomorrow even – I’ll return to the grease-monkey business of getting that Thunderbird back in working order.

The Hulk Is Out There, Waiting In A Somewhat Sinister Fashion

I too am now older and wiser, probably rustier too, but also no less dazzled by the idea of turning that moldering hulk of metal into a screaming piece of 4-wheeled lightning!

But first, I’ve got to get this new website up and running.

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