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Danica Patrick at the SEMA Show 2007 - Las Vegas.

Image via Wikipedia, Danica Patrick at the SEMA Show, 2007

Friday, November 19, 2010
Who’s making news, what’s working now, items netted from the inscrutable ether-cloud, all about PR in the digital age:
  • The IZOD IndyCar folks jumpstart the 2011 auto racing season, announcing that Lotus will supply racing engines for the series beginning next year — giving existing suppliers Chevy and Honda a run for their money. On hand for the press conference — YouTubed at IndyCar/Lotus presser — was legendary driver Parnelli Jones, who raced a Lotus engine at Indy in the mid-1960s. Nothing else really special about the video from the press conference except for the news content — certain to electrify IndyCar racing fans. Straightforward, just the facts, running as posted for about 6 1/2 minutes. Lotus engines, long absent from the IndyCar scene, will bring a new level of competition to a series struggling to recapture the hearts and minds of racing fans. Particularly in  the U.S., where IndyCars were relegated in popularity to virtual club-level racing status over the past 25 years. Danica Patrick, the only household name in IndyCar racing of this current era, is slidestepping her way into NASCAR. Lotus (Team Lotus) will add much-needed excitment to the series.
  • Too good to be true? PR executive Beth Monaghan is choosing nowness over the constant pitter-patter of email alerts, at least during business meetings. So she says in an article she penned for Business Insider. Citing a confluence of signs emanating from the infinite mind of the universe, most notably her 22-month-old daughter’s incredible aptitude for demanding one’s undivided attention, Monaghan says she also pledged to blot out intrusive email signals while tending to her child. Sounds risky, but maybe it will take hold.
  • On the subject of ambulatory messaging, we were in the midst of soaking up the atmosphere at a press conference at the Minnesota state capitol the other day when, lo and behold, a message from beyond — a maddeningly long riff from a popular song — erupted from someone’s breast pocket. This despite the warning posted at the door against such frivolous intrusions. Naturally the shame-faced culprit scrambled for some few seconds — it only seemed like a short eternity — to trap the offending device and extinguish its voice. The distinguished speaker of the moment — a member of the state legislature, for cripe’s sake — hit pause himself until the device was adequately subdued. “At least it was a nice song,” he allowed, as an appropriately respectful hush descended once again on the room.
  • Speaking of missed opportunities, I was unable to attend the IamMPLS creative extravaganza at the FineLine Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis Thursday night. I could say I was there in spirit, but that’s a pretty lame sentiment, and untrue in any case. It sounded like a lot of fun, and for a good cause, to celebrate the creative spirit of the city. Not a bad idea to get the creative class together for a night out in these increasingly cold, dark times. Sponsors were, I believe, City Pages, 89.3 The Current and Thrifty Hipster.com.

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