TweetDeck Goes Long For Twitter

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New from TweetDeck, a new workaround – or an improvement, if you’re of the marketing persuasion – that allows Tweeters to break the 140-character tweet barrier on Twitter. (Say that tongue-twisting sentence three times in a row without stopping to breathe.)

Say what, you might say, is Twitter no longer Twitter without its minimalist approach to free speech?

I say, “Bring it on.” Much as I enjoy the art of crafting the pithy Twitter call-out, I have often found myself stretched to compress a thought into the standard Tweet tube.

TweetDeck’s new service lets you write as much as you like in Tweet mode. When you post to Twitter, the service provides a link to a TweetDeck page where your excess verbiage can be viewed all its glory.

It expands on the notion of Twitter as a micro-blogging platform, while maintaining the breezy brevity of Twitter itself. ( based Tweets are truncated at 140-characters on Twitter itself.)

[DISCLAIMER] I’ve not used the service yet myself, but plan to shortly. Why write about it before using it? Sounds like an excellent addition to the Twitter arsenal, especially for those in the PR, marketing and journalism worlds. More to come once I’ve taken for a test spin. I’d certainly like to hear from anyone who’s used and seen some results from it.

[ADDENDUM, Feb. 1] More than one killer content expander service for Twitter, here’s another: Must be even more to come…

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