My Soul To Be Social Mediaicized

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Get socialized!

It’s my new thing, a sort of accidental New Year’s resolution: know more about, and do more in, the social media world.

Reminds me of the ’60’s line, “My soul has been psychedelicized” by The Chambers Brothers.

Were I writing in the 1930s, you might take me for a convert to Leninism — if I’d been so bold as to confess to a longing to be socialized back then. They had a crude form of social media back then — think postcards, think telegrams, think street corner preachers and sidewalk barkers for the music halls and burlesque theaters — but they didn’t call it that.

Lenin doesn’t much figure into my thinking today, although it is intriguing to muse about what uses he and other lions of the Russian revolution might have found for social media technologies.  Nothing fun, that’s for sure. Apps for instantaneously snitching out your counter-revolutionary neighbor, hair stylist, mother. Streaming video from the show trials of fallen Bolshies. Stalin posting pictures of his bare-chested virile self on Twitter. That kind of thing.

The Social Leap!

My leap into socialization has to do with Facebook! LinkedIn! Twitter! Google+! Blogging! Flickr! Tumblr!

Need I go on?

I think not.

So what did I learn today, in my revolutionary journey through the social media jungle? (Not to be confused with the “urban jungle” again ca. the early years of the 20th century, see George Bernard Shaw or Nelson Algren).

Online Tellers, Beware

Wonderful and unsettling information was what I learned today.

Take “creativity,” for example. That’s generally a wonderful thing, especially for the artistically, marketing and Ponzi scheme inclined. But it’s not such a wonderful thing to cite as a skill or attribute on your LinkedIn profile, so I learned. Better to show your creativity in your profile, than to self-ascribe it. I think that makes sense, too. It’s the first thing you learn in Writing 101 – show the reader what you’re talking about. (Oh, the horror — a reader bored is a reader lost forevermore.) Being Creative On LinkedIn Won’t Do You Any Favours

Banish Those Banalities

So be creative in your use of social media, but don’t say you’re creative. Saying so makes it seem as if you are not so creative. And that’s not what you want. You want to cut a bold figure on the Internet. (To cut a figure, as in “he cut a fine figure,” a figure of speech encountered rarely today, where it would not have been out of place to say of Theodore Roosevelt or Babe Ruth, “there goes a fine figure of a man.” And if you ever saw Joe Stalin in the street, you would have most certainly said something to the effect of “there’s as fine a figure of a man as ever walked the Soviet earth.” If you said anything at all.  For to say ill of Joe would almost certainly have earned you rough carriage in a Black Maria to Lubyanka Prison, and denied all access to the Internet or a Tweeting machine.)

So, yes, be creative in all your online endeavors.

That’s what I learned today on the path to full 21st century cyber-socialization! And you?

[Editor’s Note: No Bolsheviks were abused in the writing of this post.]

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