An HTML Line Not To Be Crossed

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Manhole Cover Brick Sidewalk Lines Geometry

Working with website coding this morning. It’s a difficult process, one in which I’m self-taught.

Today, I’m struggling with how to put in a new horizontal line on my pages. I want to standardize one across all pages, so I’m working with CSS. You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult. A solitary line, extending across the page — I wanted this one to be inserted just below the box that contains my site navigation links — seems simple.

I started with my home page — the one that goes by the name of “index.htm”.

A Line Too Far

But no, when I opened the new page, I lost the horizontal formatting on my navigation section. The links now lined up in vertical list fashion. Terrible. Not what I wanted at all. So I looked at the CSS page to see if I’d done something wrong. Couldn’t find any errors there. Looked at the code behind the page itself, and it seemed fine. But no go.

Need A Virtual Pencil

By this time I’d saved the page, so all the changes were set in stone. Whatever had happened was beyond my immediate ken. So I took a look at another page, unsullied by my recent changes. And there it was. A piece of critical code was missing from my home page. Washed away somehow by that simple act of adding a horizontal line.

Twenty minutes of head-scratching, and now I was back to Square One.

Oh, well.

Some fast web research revealed that there is really nothing simple about coding a horizontal line for a website. One site of particular merit was that of Chris Hope and his Electric Toolbox. It’s near unbelievable that creating a line could be this daunting — it’s just a line, for God’s sake. A pencil and a ruler is all you need to draw a line on a sheet of paper. Lines have been around since at least the time of Aristotle. Nothing new about the line. And yet, this particularly line danced havoc with my website.

Now I think I’ll run down to the local coffee-house and get in line for a steaming hot cup of java.


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