Better Than A Panic Button: Event Remarketing

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Lady Gaga performing at "the Bazaar"...

Lady Gaga performing at "the Bazaar", 654 Peachtree Street Atlanta, GA (next to the Fox Theatre) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Event marketing can be rife with stress.

Let’s say you’ve got a conference that you’re marketing, and you don’t have Lady Gaga performing. It’s just a conference, a business conference,  with some interesting speakers involved. You know who you’re marketing to, and you’ve done all the usual things such as getting information out early and often, running some advertising…and still, here it is a couple of weeks before the big event and attendance is lagging expectations.

Time to hit the panic button?

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s just time to get a bit more creative.

The panic button approach, often, is often a grim affair that involves near-rote telephone and email contacting and re-contacting of people within the target audience segment. “Are you aware of the event, and are you coming?” That’s often the panicky message of the last-minute. But there is another way — and that is to feature fresh content in your market efforts. Or in formal terms, “remarketing” efforts.

Releasing a new video, featuring a hot speaker who “just confirmed” for the event, on YouTube — with appropriate related marketing such as online advertising, a new news release, etc. is the way to go. Along with a fresh and exciting website landing page, created just to give the undecideds a new reason to consider attending your event.

It’s a cool idea, and one that probably should be budgeted for upfront. Unless you’re absolutely sure that your event is a guaranteed sold-out affair. Which it might be if you’ve got Lady Gaga or George Clooney on the bill. But if you need that extra, last-minute turbo boost of energy to drive up the attendance numbers, a “remarketing” effort complete with fresh and creatively produced content sounds like a good idea to me.

Thanks to Vincent Neve and his article “Remarketing for Conversion” on the SearchEngineLand website for the inspiration.

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