Friday Night Writing Thoughts

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English: Jack Kerouac by photographer Tom Palu...

English: Jack Kerouac by photographer Tom Palumbo, circa 1956 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stephen King says he writes 1,500 words a day.

Chris Brogan says he writes 4,000 words a day.

Flaubert could struggle to get a single sentence written in a day.

Thomas Wolfe dashed off 10,000 words a day, then worked off the stress by prowling the streets of New York for hours on end.

Thinking about this, I figure I top out at about 5,000 words a day. That seems like a good day’s work.

Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road in 3 weeks. Seems like a good 21 days’ worth of work by Jack, although Truman Capote famously dissed Jack by saying, “It’s not writing, it’s typing.” Bit harsh, that, don’tcha think, Tru?


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4 Responses to “Friday Night Writing Thoughts”

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I do a chapter a day, which can be anywhere from 2500-3000 words. The only time I’ve ever done 10,000+ in a day was when I was manic (bipolar Type I), and it was unsalvageable garbage. But, hey, mental instability will do that to you.


Doing a chapter a day is a good amount of work! If you’re going to write 10,000 words a day, you need a great editor I think – Thomas Wolfe had one in Maxwell Perkins as I recall from my studies. What are you working on, if you don’t mind my asking?


I’m working on a dark fantasy while awaiting edits for my contracted book. It’s sort of a The Fault in Our Stars meets Coraline meets Alice in Wonderland type of thing, so it revolves around mental illness with a twist of fantasy thrown in.


Sounds pretty interesting to me.


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