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Haste A-Pace

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Sedan chair carried by two people

Sedan Chair, Image via Wikipedia

“Make haste slowly.”

Said to be coined by Augustus, the Roman emperor who succeeded Julius Caesar.

Excellent bumper sticker material (or something to stick on the side of a sedan chair, a favorite conveyance of the Roman well-to-do back in the day), and often quoted by poets, philosophers and other pundits living and dead.

Excellent advice, when you think about it.

Act fast, but not so fast as to lose your head, shoot yourself in the foot, do something stupid you’ll regret, rush to judgment, run off the rails, plunge off a cliff, etc.

I like it.

I like it more than that equally inarguable old saw, beloved by mothers everywhere, “haste makes waste.”

Make haste slowly sounds much more like something I could use when starting, say, a new high impact project for a client. Especially if said project has a lot of moving parts to it which must be assembled under heavy deadline pressure.

Just something to think about in these emotionally charged times.

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Minnesota Fair

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Election night report from Minnesota: it’s an even-split for the easily embarrassed in Minnesota. Democrats can still be revulsed by the idea of Michele Bachmann representing the state. Meanwhile Al Franken, whose U.S. Senate seat was not up for grabs, remains the embarrassment of the century for Minnesota Republicans.

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Free Sex And The Decline Of Modern News Media

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As seen on the Internet: the question of the millennium for media, how to get consumers to pay for content they can get for free?

Add value.

Newspapers miss a beat. A close reading of the daily newspaper more than pays for itself if consumers take advantage of the advertised specials, coupons, etc. That’s a benefit – save money – not touted often enough. Maybe newspapers still want to position themselves as having a higher calling than serving the crass needs of the marketplace. Mistake. Crass works. Ask Lady Gaga.

The short answer is that people are not going to pay for what they can get for free, not if they know how to get it for free and it’s not too difficult to obtain. (Lesson learned from the “free sex” revolution, among other consumer-friendly inventions.)

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3 Sins For Sister Coakley To Pin Upon Her Opponent

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Anyone who’s ever worked the phones for a national political campaign knows the drill: here’s your script, we’ve got 3 simple message points, pound away at them for all you’re worth.

President Obama’s on the campaign trail for Democrat Martha Coakley, contender for the Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. (It’s actually not Ted Kennedy’s seat that’s at stake, but rather the Senate seat for the people of Massachusetts, as Republican contender Scott Brown noted in a recent debate. But we’re talking semantics now, a debatable issue in a closely contested political contestant in which nothing less than the future of the Republic’s political drift is at stake.)

The President has pledged to campaign for Coakley in-state this coming Sunday. He was getting warmed up today.

President Obama’s 3 talking points that define the Massachusetts contest, as heard on PBS’s NewsHour(MacNeil/Lehrer) tonight:

  • Wall Street schemers
  • Dastardly insurance companies
  • Big polluters

So that’s it, a simple sauce all told. Political browbeating in a nutshell. The three whipping boys of the American Apocalypse, ca. 2010, all staked out and ready for the lash.

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